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About Shaddicks Lawyers


Founded in 1955 by Pat Shaddick, Shaddicks Lawyers have grown into one of the South West’s most respected law Firms forming an integral part of the Busselton Community.
As Shaddicks Lawyers has grown, so has it's ability to service the varied needs of the community.

Centrally Located
Centrally located in the South West at Busselton, Shaddicks is a country practice and have Lawyers that are qualified and experienced, with general knowledge to meet a broad range of demands.


Areas of Law

Our Lawyers bring with them years of professional and practical experience ensuring down to earth practical advice.

At Shaddicks we understand our clients and help by guiding them through the law to achieve just, equitable and practical solutions to the difficult problems they face.

As Shaddicks has grown, so has it's ability to service the varied needs of the community. 


Core Values
The Firm’s core values of personal professional service engender trust and provide value to our clients.

Whilst working as a team, the Firm's Professionals concentrate on ensuring the flexibility of the Firm and the ability to offer dedicated, professional, timely advice that works for you in all aspects of law.

If you are in the South West and need legal advice or help, phone us or call in.


Shaddicks Team
Our Lawyers provide easy- to-understand solutions for our clients to work with, accessing the information and legal tools they need on demand.
State-of-the-Art Technologies
Shaddicks Lawyers has some of the latest computerised & electronic filing environment for information and Data.
We subscribe to relevant leading business and legal reports and legislations via online subscriptions.
Digital dictation devices are used to keep effective records of work .
We are committed to moving forward and progressing the integration of current state of the art technology to assist our clients.


Shaddicks Lawyers Knowledge base
Our Lawyers have a vast knowledge base of precedents, advice's, opinions, court documents, deal books, journals, law reports, books, reports and other materials. These are used to achieve the best outcome for our clients. Along with our Lawyers own knowledge, subscribing to Legal databases gives us the ability to retrieve information from any one or combination of resource providers.
Our Lawyers undergo training through the year in a process of Continuing Practice Development to ensure they are up to date with the latest changes in the Law.
Our talented legal assistants, clerks and associates each have specialist knowledge in our key legal disciplines and can assist and carry out research, to benefit effective time management for our Lawyers.

The team delivers a Quality customer 
orientated service, tailor made to your legal needs. 

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