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Bad Debt Recovery

  • Is your business struggling with bad debts?
  • Does somebody owe you money?
  • Haven’t got time to chase your debtors?
    As a leading Firm in the South West Shaddicks Lawyers know that part of maintaining a profitable business is collecting your debts on time. Customers who owe you money, refuse to pay or take too long can cripple viable businesses. Don’t despair or waste a lot of your valuable time worrying about debtors or chasing them. Give it to professionals.
    Shaddicks Lawyers can quickly and efficiently help you to control your debtors ensuring that you don’t have to spend a great deal of time, trouble and effort chasing up people as you run further into the red in overdraft. Shaddicks Lawyers can offer effective efficient commercial collection of all debts.
    Shaddicks’ team can advise you on the collection of all your debts big and small. They can give you guidance; they can guide you through the process of recovering debts yourself. Shaddicks Lawyers debt recovery process can ensure that by early legal intervention prompt payment improves your cash-flow and keeps your debtors to a minimum.
    Shaddicks Lawyers can apply their legal expertise to assist you reviewing current terms of payment or trade adequately to protect your rights to ensure they are legally enforceable and guaranteeing your future financial security.
    For advice on your bad debts and how to manage them call Shaddicks Lawyers today on 08 9752 1699.

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