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Property Settlements

As a leading firm centrally situated in Busselton in the South West Shaddicks Lawyers have been helping  families for more than 60 years. Shaddicks Lawyers are a trusted household word in the South West.
Dealing with a family breakdown is emotionally difficult particularly when it involves  property and separation. Often your fears and worries about both the relationship and the draining breakdown of that relationship can make it difficult for you to think.
Let us help you by dealing with your fears about money, your property, where you live.  Property distribution needs to be finalised within strict timeframes from divorce or separation.
Shaddicks Lawyers can professionally assist you to resolve property issues with your spouse or partner. We understand how you are feeling and will provide you with balanced timely professional advice based on our experience to give you and your spouse/partner an equitable effective property settlement in a timely manner.
If matters do go to Court we can help you deal with the matters quickly efficiently ensuring your position is clearly represented to achieve the best property outcome. With Shaddicks lawyers professional team you have an advocate by your side negotiating and defending your position to achieve a considered equitable property settlement as quickly as possible. We can help you make informed agreements, enter binding consent orders or binding financial agreements quickly and efficiently.
Shaddicks Lawyers focus on achieving a rapid and effective property settlement with the minimum of emotional stress.
Good advice from the outset, even before separation, may reduce the possibility of a long protracted unpleasant dispute.
Stop worrying. By giving you professional, sound considered well informed advice as soon as possible, Shaddicks Lawyers can ensure your rights and property are protected to give you the best possible outcome as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

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