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Commercial Litigation

Efficient court actions and proceedings can ensure that your matter is resolved or progressed.
Shaddicks Lawyers can help you with any of the following.

  • Leases 
  • Assignments
  • Commercial Leases (retail shops)
  • Lease Disputes
  • Property Disputes
  • Debt Recovery
  • Commercial Litigation Forms and Documents
  • Information from Landlord
  • Information from Tenant
  • Details of Debtor
  • Litigation - Magistrates Court - District/Supreme Court
  • State Administrative Tribunal (SAT)
Shaddicks Lawyers can help guide you through the process with professional experience ensuring down to earth practical efficient advice.
New credit reporting means you you really have to defend your credit rating and reputation. 
As a leading firm in the South West Shaddicks Lawyers can help you when you simply can’t reach agreement and have to either commence action against somebody or defend an action that somebody has brought against you.
Shaddicks’ litigation team will help you by listening to you, advising you on the evidence you need to gather and the facts that need to be shown and then using their considerable legal experience to draft the necessary Court process, documents or pleadings for you. Shaddicks Lawyers can arrange access  to Counsel, who specialise in the area of law that your dispute relates to. Shaddicks Lawyers will represent you in all Courts in the South West and in Perth.
Whether your case is in the Magistrates, the District Court, Supreme Court or the State Administrative Tribunal our team of trained professionals can give you practical down to earth legal advice and guide you through the Court process, protecting your rights and ensuring the best possible outcome is achieved quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.
Whether it is Magistrates, District, or Supreme Court if you are served with a summons you need to enter an appearance and or a defence within a set time limit. If you need to see a solicitor about a litigation matter you need to get an urgent appointment and fax or email a copy of the summons or action to us as quickly as possible.
If you are stressed by a summons that has been issued against you or want to issue a summons against somebody who has done something wrong then do not hesitate in contacting Shaddicks Lawyers today on 08 9752 1699

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