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About Restraining Order

Whether you or a loved one are harassed or intimidated by someone and you need help or you just need help to get somebody to stop doing something which is driving you mad, then call Shaddicks Lawyers.
As a leading Firm centrally situated in Busselton in the South West, Shaddicks Lawyers have been helping people for more than 60 years. Shaddicks Lawyers are a trusted household name in the South West.
Restraining orders are always difficult for anybody to deal with. You often need help quickly but your judgement is clouded by emotion. In urgent cases a Police Officer can issue a restraining order but it may not last.
At Shaddicks Lawyers we are able to help you urgently prepare and get a restraining order. Whether it is a Violence Restraining Order or a Misconduct Restraining Order, at Shaddicks Lawyers we will listen to you and help you make your application for a violence restraining order or defend a restraining orders. Shaddicks professional Lawyers can help you through the difficult time giving you advice on evidence, how to prove your case and ensuring that your rights are adequately protected enabling you to get on with your life without being harassed or intimidated.
If you need help with a VRO, MRO or need to defend one then contact the Lawyers at Shaddicks for a personal consultation and practical advice on Restraining Orders.

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