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District Court and Supreme Court

Charges which come before the District Court and Supreme Court are serious charges.
As a leading Firm centrally situated in Busselton in the South West Shaddicks Lawyers have been helping generations for more than 60 years. Shaddicks Lawyers are a trusted household name in the South West.
Whilst the charges may have been sent up from the Magistrates Court there is a real possibility of a significant fine or imprisonment in the District or Supreme Court. Don’t risk being unrepresented. Before you appear take control and see your Lawyers for professional straight forward and practical advice on your rights and how to proceed with your matter to ensure it is dealt with quickly cost effectively and properly.
Maximise the opportunities available to you in the event you chose to enter a plea. Ensuring a reduced sentence if you are guilty by entering a plea of guilty or plea in mitigation at the appropriate time. Shaddicks Lawyers can help you by presenting a complete plea in mitigation professionally ensuring all the relevant matters are properly evidenced and considered before sentence.
Shaddicks experienced Lawyers can provide you with experienced practical advice if you proceed to trial. Shaddicks Lawyers team can proof relevant witnesses and present your evidence. Shaddicks Lawyers team can guide you through the trial or jury trial process to give practical advice and guidance enhancing your prospects at trial.
See Shaddicks Lawyers first for professional advice on what your strategy should be and possible outcomes. Don’t risk your future and your rights. Contact Shaddicks Lawyers on 08 9752 1699

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