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Criminal Law

  • Been accused of breaking the law?
  • Summonsed to Court and don’t know what to do?
  • Need help in dealing with the Police?
Shaddicks Lawyers know criminal law like no other.

With a vast knowledgebase of over 60 years in criminal law investigation... you can trust Shaddicks Legal team.

As a leading Firm centrally situated in Busselton in the South West, Shaddicks Lawyers have been helping generations for more than60 years. Shaddicks Lawyers are a trusted household name in the South West.

Shaddicks Lawyers can help you get through the trying times and difficult experience of having a search warrant served on you, being interviewed, arrested or charged with a crime. Shaddicks Lawyers can help in making a bail application, plea of guilty, offering a plea in mitigation the defending of any criminal matter.
Sometimes it’s not about whether you did it or didn’t do it. Sometimes it’s about the evidence.
If the Police are calling then call Shaddicks Lawyers.
The sooner you get professional advice by calling Shaddicks Lawyers the better your options will be.

With a Lawyer by your side Shaddicks Lawyers can help guide you through the difficult process ensuring the best result for you and the protection of your rights.
Making a statement to a Police Officer without the benefit of prior legal advice may not be in your best interests. You have a right to silence. Ensure that you are smart and exercise your right to silence and your right to get legal advice

The Shaddicks Lawyers web pages help you see the array of matters we are regularly called on to help people with. Even if the criminal matter you face is  small we can help you applying our considerable expertise and experience in achieving the best outcome for you.

Make the law work for you. Call Shaddicks Lawyers now on 08 9752 1699.

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