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District & Supreme


As trusted professionals situated in Busselton in the South West for more than 60 years Shaddicks Lawyers can help with all litigation matters in the District, Supreme or Federal Court.
The amounts of monies involved in claims before in these Courts will make anybody worry. When you need help call Shaddicks Lawyers. Shaddicks Lawyers understand the importance of getting good professional sound legal advice to ensure a common sense efficient outcome.
Shaddicks’ team of trained professionals in the South West are able to give you access to Counsel and practitioners in Perth that specialise in the areas of law you need.
Shaddicks Lawyers can help you protect your rights, cost effectively guiding you through the court process ensuring you are safe from threats and secure in whatever litigation you are involved in the District or Supreme Court.
Whether you need simple advice or representation ensure you read the documents and call Shaddicks Lawyers as quickly as possible to protect your rights.

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